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Next Election (Primary): August 9, 2022
Early Voting: Jun. 25, 2022 - Aug. 8, 2022
Last Day To Register: Aug. 9, 2022
Deadline to Return Absentee Ballot: Aug. 9, 2022, 7:00 PM  
For more details Check the VT SOS
ALSO, Prop 5/Article 22 vote on November 8, 2022 ~ Details here
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June 25, 2022
Conservative Candidate
Meet & Greet

Come to Middlebury Vermont to meet conservative candidates that will support and defend your inalienable rights! 

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July 8, 2022
Pasta with a PURPOSE

Meet, Greet, Hear and Question the GOP Candidates

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2022 Republican Candidates 

U. S. House of Representatives, Vermont

Ericka Redic

Ericka is running to restore integrity, fiscal restraint, and stability to our Federal Government.

Connect with Ericka
[email protected]
Campaign phone: 802.448.0408 
Campaign address:
Redic for Congress
70 South Winooski Ave, #114
Burlington, VT 05401

Press coverage:

U. S. Senate, Vermont

Gerald Malloy

I am running for United States Senator for Vermont as a Republican candidate.
I seek to serve Vermonters, Vermont, and the United States. I am deeply concerned with the direction we are going, and I believe I have the character, experience, leadership, and performance to change the course for a better future. I began a grassroots campaign in February 2022 when I visited many cities and towns across Vermont engaging Vermonters, and I found that Vermonters, like me, are upset with the many failures of the Federal Government under the Democrat Administration and want change.

Connect with Gerald
[email protected]
Phone: (802) 263-5405
Campaign Address:
Malloy for U.S. Senate
PO Box 103 Perkinsville, VT 05151

2022 Republican Candidates 

Vermont State Lieutenant Governor

Gregory Thayer

I am a lifelong Vermonter, a Green Mtn. Boy!
I will listen to you.
​ My campaign is about you, the People.
I'm an Accountant doing Audit & Tax service work. I am a family man with 4 adult children & 1 grandchild. I am a proud Constitutional Conservative Republican!

Connect with Gregory
[email protected]
Phone: 802.417.7734 
Campaign address:
Gregory Thayer, MBA.,
Candidate for Vermont LT. Governor
P. O. Box 702
Rutland, Vermont 05702-0702

VT Covid Summit -
Reawaken Faith, Health & Hope

January 15, 2022

Dr. Bryan Ardis

- Watch presentation here

- View presentation slides (coming soon)

Rev. Christopher Thoma

- Watch presentation here

- View presentation slides (coming soon)

Dr. Christopher Cassells, MD

- Watch presentation here

- View presentation slides (coming soon)

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