Black Eye for America Book Studies

Study Carol Swain's book Black Eye for America in preparation for her visit to Vermont and for our education on Critical Race Theory in Vermont schools.

Beginning in April, book studies will pop up all over Vermont to discuss Carol Swain's book, Black Eye for America

Form a study group in your area.

Goal: At least one book study per county in Vermont. 
Host or join a book study at your home, local library, church.
Books: Available for $15 from Patty ([email protected])
1. Learn what's happening in education in America/Vermont.
2. Prepare for Carol Swain's visit to Vermont August 4 - 8.
3. Protect our kids from indoctrination.

Book info:
In Black Eye for America: How Critical Race Theory Is Burning Down the House, Carol Swain and Christopher Schorr expose the true nature of Critical Race Theory (CRT), and they offer concrete solutions for taking back the country's stolen institutions. They describe CRT in theory and practice, accounting for its origins and weaponization within American schools and workplaces; explain how this ideology threatens traditional American values and legal doctrines, including civil rights; and equip everyday Americans with strategies to help them resist and defeat CRT's pernicious influence.
There's more info about the book at

If you would like to join a book study in Burlington, contact Patty at [email protected].