Vermont Canvass

VT Grassroots supports a movement of We the People to collect voter roll evidence and demand that local leaders take action and replace those leaders if they do not. This is a collective TEAM effort.

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VT Grassroots is Partnering with....

Dr. Frank and other grassroots movements across the nation and learning from their mistakes and best practices. Dr. Frank and Col. Smith have connected us with Cause of America and they are connecting us with some of these grassroots teams.

VT Grassroots is developing a TARGETED canvas rather than a FULL canvas strategy.

Our Canvassing efforts in Vermont will consist of the following basic elements:

1. Sign VT Grassroots Chain-of-Custody / Non-Disclosure Agreement
2. Complete the canvassing training from the Missouri grassroots team (see below)
3. Identify Town/County Coordinators and Volunteers
4. Distribute Walk-books (i.e. canvassing survey "packets" for the targeted addresses)
5. Do the Canvas and accurately record data from the interviews.
6. Verify Canvas data using online tools (i.e. death certificates, NCOA, etc.)
7. Present data to local authorities (i.e. county sheriffs, town clerks)
8. Demand action of local authorities (i.e. injunctions against electronic voting machines)

VT Grassroots Canvassing Documents and Training

Please Review the Chain-of-Custody document and view all of the training videos at least once.

NDA Discussion: why?

Missouri Team Leader Linda Rantz discusses need for an NDA

Chain-of-Custody / NDA

Please download, review, print, sign (blue ink), keep a copy and return to the address in the document. This is a requirement to receive the canvassing walk-books (#4 above) 
[modified from the Wisconsin team]

Election Fraud: The Canvassing Process - A Case Study

Prof. Clements and Erin Clements, New Mexico, discuss their canvassing process and results.

The "Legally Sufficient" Canvass Affidavit

Prof. Clements explains affidavits to help canvassers save time and effort in data collection.
Since our audience will be local sheriffs, town clerks and citizens we don't need affidavits.

What is the Commitment?

Although the VT process will be slightly different, this brief video from MI will help you understand the goals and time commitment involved in canvassing.

Boots on Ground - Part 1

Although the VT survey forms will be slightly different, the information contained in the "Boots on Ground" video series will be helpful. Canvassing teams will need to generate their own walking (driving) maps from the addresses in the packets.

Boots on Ground - Part 2

This training video covers voter and household information in the survey form.

Boots on Ground - Part 3

This training video gives more information about the canvassing survey covering unsolicited ballots and canvasser notes