Election Integrity

Join us Saturday, January 14, 2023

Vibrant Church
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Vermont Grassroots Presents

Election Fraud; Is it Real?
Can it be Proven?
What can be done to correct it?

Featuring Election Integrity Expert and Activist
Dr. Douglas G. Frank, Ph.D.

Dr. Frank shows how our elections are manipulated and how citizens and elected officials can defend and improve election integrity.

Dr. Frank is a world-renowned physicist with 60 peer-reviewed scientific publications, including cover and feature articles in the world’s leading scientific journals. His Ph.D. is in surface-electroanalytical chemistry, which combines chemistry and physics techniques for the manipulation and analysis of molecules on surfaces. In 1996, Dr. Frank left the academic world to apply his scientific expertise and skills in the real world, helping to invent and manufacture electron microscopes, laser scanners, and precision manufacturing and control devices.

Dr. Frank also established a special school for extraordinarily gifted children near Cincinnati, Ohio, where he served as the Math & Science Department chair for 25 years.

Following the 2020 general election, Dr. Frank turned his scientific and data analysis skills to election integrity. By analyzing election and voter registration data, Dr. Frank is able to demonstrate that the 2020 general election was not honest and fair and that major problems still remain.

Since December 2020, Dr. Frank has worked ceaselessly for election integrity and reform with grassroots teams in over 40 states. He has met with Secretaries of State, State Attorneys General, dozens of legislators, and hundreds of local election officials to improve election integrity. Dr. Frank was featured in Mike Lindell’s documentaries “Scientific Proof” and “Absolute Interference.

Dr. Frank’s data-driven presentations are informative, engaging, and persuasive and they unequivocally demonstrate that America has serious election integrity problems to fix.

But there is HOPE

Dr. Frank comes with clear action steps that we can create a ground game to effect positive change.

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See Vermont Counties, 2020 General Election Graphs
which illustrate county demographic results
for the state of Vermont.

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Addressing Threats to Election Integrity

Featuring ~ Col. (Ret.) Shawn Smith

Shawn Smith retired as an Air Force colonel with over 25 years active duty in space and missile operations, director and test manager for operational testing of weapon systems, USAF Fellow to RAND Corporation, installation and squadron commander, and four years as senior military evaluator for Space, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems under Director, Operational Test, and Evaluation (DOT&E), Office of the Secretary of Defense, exercising oversight of test design, execution, and reporting, advising Congress and senior Department of Defense leaders on operational effectiveness and suitability of critical, complex DoD space programs (e.g. Global Positioning System), costing over $45 billion. He has also been consultant on adversarial assessment special projects for Department of Defense.

$10 Minimum Donation for Election Integrity Event.

Dr. Frank explains the Math

Watch Dr. Frank describe how the machines are used to manipulate our elections